Essential Tips for Travel

Bob Olvey
April 22, 2024
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Mishaps are a part of traveling.  While you can’t plan for every possible situation, you can keep some important things in mind to make your travels much easier.  Here are some convenient tips to make your traveling go smoothly.

Make a List

Lists are important to make sure you bring everything you need for your trip.  It is best to write down an item as soon as you think of it. When it comes time to pack, take out your list and mark off each item as you pack it.

Make Copies of Important Documents

Make a copy of your ID and passport and keep it in a separate bag from your original documents.  It is important to have an extra in case your original is lost or stolen. You will not be allowed to travel if you are missing your documents, so make sure you have an extra copy with you!

Check the Weather

Check the weather to plan activities accordingly.  Pre-plan your outfits to correspond with the weather to save time and make getting ready easier when you get to your location.  It is also important to check the weather at home to make sure your property is protected.

Organize your Wallet

Make sure your wallet only contains the cash and cards you need for the trip.  It is best to leave unnecessary money at home to help avoid losing it. Losing your wallet can lead to identity theft.  Make sure you keep your wallet on you at all times or in a safe place. Check to make sure you still have it before you leave a location.

Avoid Oversharing your Vacation Online

When you post about your vacation you advertise that your home is vacant.  To avoid endangering your home while you are away, wait until you arrive home to post about your vacation.

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