Robert G. Olvey is a lifelong resident of Pocahontas, having lived on the same street most of his life. A graduate of Pocahontas High School, where he was a model student and bass drum player in the high school band. A son of C E Olvey, Jr. and Jean Martin Olvey, and grandson of founder, Lantie R Martin, Bob began his career at Martin Agency, Inc. upon graduation from ASU- Jonesboro in 1970. He hit the ground running and took over the management position of the agency when his father retired in 1987. Bob served on the volunteer fire dept for many years and has been instrumental in many worthwhile fundraising projects that have positively affected the residents of Randolph County, such as the construction of the helipad at our local hospital. Helicopters have landed on that pad many times through the years and lives have been saved because of Bob’s vision and fundraising efforts.

Netia Olvey, a lifetime resident of Randolph County, grew up on a farm in the beautiful rolling hills of Randolph County between Attica and Warm Springs. She is the daughter of Bill & Elsie Hayes and attended Maynard schools. Netia married into the Olvey family in 1978 and shortly thereafter began work in the agency, on a part time basis at first and later full time in the agency accounting role. Also, active in our community, Netia has worked on projects that primarily affect low income families and animals. Having started the first community wide Christmas basket program in our county to assure that children of low income families would have food and gifts on Christmas, and seeing the program through until the Salvation Army took the program over. With a love of animals, dogs in particular, Netia has been active with Randolph County Humane Society for many years and served as an abuse / neglect investigator with that organization until the law changed in 2009, mandating that investigations be carried out by law enforcement or animal control officer only. She was instrumental in many fundraising efforts to provide funds for the RCHS spay / neuter assistance program.

Together, Bob and Netia, have built a life together in Pocahontas, being committed to and active in our community. Both have been involved in many community projects and organizations through the years and continuing to work and support projects that make Randolph County a better place to live and raise a family. The parents of one son, John R (Rob) Olvey, they purchased and restored Bob’s grandparent’s home on Thomasville (Hwy 90) in the heart of Pocahontas in 1983 and look forward to spending the rest of their lives together there.